2014 Formula D Seattle – Behind the Numbers


Since Formula Drift started attending the Seattle track in 2006, I have yet to miss an event at the track. Evergreen seems to be a track that produces memorable finishes, both positive (in the sense of first-time podium winners) and negative (major crashes). Joey revealed some of these stats in his ‘10 things I learned‘ post, but here’s a bigger look back on some of the major stats that arose from this weekend’s events.

  • Darren McNamara’s win for Falken Tire was the 20th for the brand, doubling up any other tire manufacturer. The win also ended an 8-event podium drought, tying the longest previous drought in their history (New Jersey 07 to Irwindale 08).
  • McNamara’s podium was his 9th of his Formula D career, which puts him into 7th place overall. Previously, he was tied with Daigo Saito, Justin Pawlak, and Ryan Tuerck who all remain tied with 8 career podiums.
  • McNamara was both the winner and top qualifier to earn maximum points, which has happened six previous times. Most recently, Yoshihara took both the pole position and the top podium spot at Long Beach in 2012, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. bookended both portions of the weekend back at Seattle in 2012.
  • Dean Kearney became the 36th unique Formula D driver to earn a podium, joining Odi Bakchis as the second driver to earn his first podium this season. Kearney is the 5th driver to earn his first career podium in Seattle. Others include Seigo Yamamoto (06), Robbie Nishida (08), Eric O’Sullivan (09), and Fredric Aasbo (11), all drivers who have been commuters to the Formula D series. Interestingly, no North American driver has earned his first podium at the track.
  • Dean Kearney’s podium was the 16th for Dodge, who now moves ahead of Scion for sole ownership of fourth most podiums all-time. Dodge’s last podium was by Sam Hubinette in Long Beach 2009 (39 events), the longest drought for Dodge.
  • Forsberg’s podium was his 23rd in his career, passing Dai Yoshihara for the most overall in Formula D history.
  • Forsberg’s fifth-consecutive podium is the most ever in Formula D history. Previously, Millen’s 4 podiums spanning the 2004 to 2005 season was the most, with Foust, Gittin Jr, Saito, and Hubinette all having 3-event podium streaks.
  • Mike Pollard, Nate Hamilton, and Taka Aono became the 42nd, 43rd, and 44th unique drivers to score championship points this season. Pollard is the 7th rookie to score points this season.

The Nate Hamilton and Carl Rydquist Crash at Seattle [VIDEO]

So someone actually captured this Pro 2 Formula Drift practice incident on video. Nate Hamilton spun and stalled out on course and for whatever reason was unable to get his car fired back up in any quick fashion. During that time the next pair of drivers were sent and Carl Rydquist just drove straight into Nate Hamilton. Clearly with some better flaggers or some more solid communication to the start line the wreck could of been avoided. You can see one flagger trying to get the attention of the drivers by running towards them with a yellow flag. Even though the mistake was made by course workers could the wreck of been easily avoided in the first place? Tons of questions to be asked on this one which effected both cars going into Pro 2 qualifying. A tough break for both drivers regardless of what happened. Who do you think was mostly at fault here?

10 Things I Learned From Formula Drift Round 5 This Weekend

10. Falken Finally

You probably haven’t been keeping track but it has been a long time since Falken landed on the podium much less won an event. You would have to go back in time to June 2013 to find them on the podium at Wall, New Jersey before this weekend. Hell, the last event won by a Falken driver was Dai Yoshihara in 2013 at Streets of Long Beach. If you want to get even uglier with the math, it was back in 2012 when an actual teal/blue Falken car won an event. Have they turned around a new leaf? Is 2015 the season Falken takes back control of Formula Drift?

9. JEFF JONES! Jeffjones

I will also mention Jeff in #8 but he looked awesome this weekend. It’s always nice to see some solid progression from drivers we see year after year. He snags his first podium in Pro 2! He did fail to qualify for Pro so we didn’t get to see him turn it on Saturday afternoon which was a bummer.

8. Pro 2 Made a Poor Return for Round 2 

Formula Drift Pro 2 set the drifting world abuzz with its debut in Miami. Round 2 of the series was a little less glamorous and exciting for some odd reason or another. The driving just seemed a bit off and we rarely caught a close battle around the track. Even the local northwest drivers tended to disappoint a bit throughout the weekend. Some drivers did stand out like Rapper Dan Savage, Jeremy Lowe, and James Evans. Even more impressive was Jeff Jones who looked the best I have seen him in his Formula Drift career over the Pro 2 weekend finishing in 2nd place. Read More…

2014 Formula Drift Round 5 Practice/Qualifying [GALLERY]

KennethMoen BrandonWicknick JCastro


Enjoy some of David Moore’s shots from practice and qualifying from Formula Drift Seattle! Sit back and enjoy tons of images as the drivers fight in the northwest to qualify for the big show at Evergreen Speedway.

Check out the Gallery:

Gatebil 2014 – The Event of Events [VIDEO]

This is one awesome event weekend known as Gatebil in Norway. Here is a great video showing off some of the fun and excitement that is Gatebil. Sit back and enjoy one of the most fun events you can find.

2014 Formula Drift Pro 2 Round 2 at Seattle [GALLERY]

JamesEvans.MattCoffman JuhaRintanen EricHill

Pro 2 gallery captured by David Moore who was on the scene for practice, qualifying, and the big Pro 2 competition. Jeff Jones drove his way to a first time podium in his Formula Drift history with the Sikky Drivers putting a stamp of authority on Pro 2 as well. Check out the link below to enjoy all of the Formula Drift Pro 2 coverage from Round 2 at Evergreen Speedway.

Check out the Gallery:

2014 British Drift Championship Round 3 at Teeside [RESULTS]

The Irish domination even carried over into the British Drift Championship this weekend. Another event won by Ireland’s very own Shane O’Sullivan saw the Irish win all the major events of the weekend around the world. Teeside was quite an entertaining track for the weekend and this is how all the various series groups finished up:

Super Pro:
1st: Shane O’Sullivan
2nd: Steve Biagioni
3rd: Matt Carter

Read More…

2014 Formula D Round 5 Seattle – Tire Manufacturer Championship [STANDINGS]


Hankook Tire extended their lead in the Tire Championship Standings substantially by placing both Fredric Aasbo and Chris Forsberg in the Final Four. Nitto Tire remained in second behind a Top-8 finish from Odi Bakchis and a top-16 finish from Matt Field. Falken Tire (4th place) gained on Achilles Tire (3rd place) thanks to the win and top-qualifying effort and win from Darren McNamara being backed up by a top-8 finish from Justin Pawlak. Maxxis Tire jumped Yokohama Tire for 5th place in the standings.

It’s looking like Hankook Tire may be able to lock up the championship in Texas if they can gain another 50 points on Nitto Tire in Texas.

Here’s how the Tire Championship Standings stack up after five of seven rounds:

1. Hankook Tire – 769.5 Points
2. Nitto Tire – 613 Points
3. Achilles Tire – 574 Points
4. Falken Tire – 508 Points
5. Maxxis Tire – 246.5 Points
6. Yokohama Tire – 218.5 Points
7. Kenda Tire – 154.5 Points
8. GT Radial – 124 Points

2014 Formula D Round 5 Seattle – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


Combining a top-4 finish from Fredric Aasbo with a top-8 finish from Ken Gushi, Scion jumped Ford in the OEM Manufacturer’s standings, which is turning out to be a more exciting chase than the actual drivers championship. Ford drivers Justin Pawlak (qualified 7th, finished top-8) and Vaughn Gittin Jr (qualified 8th, finished top 32) combined for less than 100 points for the second straight event. Nissan remained in third place behind a podium from Chris Forsberg and a top-32 from Jhonnattan Castro, and Chevy remains in fourth place (Top 16 for Grunewald, Top 32 for McQuarrie). Dodge was the big mover behind Dean Kearney’s first podium finish in Formula D, jumping into sixth position behind Lexus which is remarkable as Dodge only has one car competing in the series while Lexus has three.

Here’s the current OEM Manufacturer’s Championship standings after five of seven rounds:

1. Scion  – 565 points
2. Ford – 534.5 points
3. Nissan – 519.5 points
4. Chevy – 330 points
5. BMW – 299 points
6. Lexus – 277 points
7. Dodge – 215.5 points
8. Mazda – 124 points
9. Toyota – 86 Points
10. Hyundai – 19 Points

2014 Formula D Championship Standings after Seattle [STANDINGS]


Despite qualifying fourth (ahead of both Fredric Aasbo and Vaughn Gittin Jr) and earning an incredible fifth consecutive podium, Chris Forsberg’s lead on the championship remains unchanged from the 59 points it stood at after New Jersey due to this year’s points structure. Both Forsberg and Aasbo earned 4.5 points for qualifying (4th thru 8th qualifiers earn the same amount of points), and although Forsberg earned a spot on the podium in front of all of the cameras while Aasbo remained on the sideline in 4th place, the elimination of the 3rd place battle gives both 3rd and 4th place drivers the same amount of points. Vaughn Gittin Jr fell from just 65 points behind to 113 points behind due to his early Top 32 exit, while Kenneth Moen fell from 111 points behind to 146 points behind after his top 16 exit, nearly eliminating him from the championship chase.

The top qualifier effort combined with the win (a perfect slate for only the seventh time in history and the first time since Long Beach 2013) moves McNamara up from eighth to fifth in the championship table.

Here’s how the points stack up after five of seven rounds of competition.

1. Chris Forsberg                 421.5 points
2. Fredric Aasbo                  362.5 points
3. Vaughn Gittin Jr.         308.5 points
4. Kenneth Moen                 275.5 points
5. Darren McNamara        263 points
6. Odi Bakchis                      243.5 points
7. Justin Pawlak                  226 points
8. Dean Kearney                215.5 points
9. Robbie Nishida               191 points
10. Forrest Wang                   183.5 points
11. Conrad Grunewald       176.5 points
12. Michael Essa                    164.5 points
13. Ryan Tuerck                  162 points
14. Ken Gushi                        156 ponts
15. Tyler McQuarrie            153.5 points
16. Matt Field                       153 points
17. Charles Ng                   137 points
18. Chelsea Denofa               134.5 points
19. Kyle Mohan                   124 points
20. Daijiro Yoshihara      122.5 points