2014 Formula Drift Canada Demo – Top 16 Qualifying [RESULTS]


Formula Drift Canada invaded Autodrome Saint Eustache outside of Montreal, Quebec for qualifying today. 21 drivers were fighting for 16 positions. Kenny Moen continued his amazing season by qualifying first overall, ahead of his Achilles teammate Daigo Saito. Marc Landreville held down the third position in front of his home Canadian crowd.

1st – Kenneth Moen – 88
2nd – Daigo Saito – 85
3rd – Marc Landreville – 81 (41 style points)
4th – Forrest Wang – 81 (39 style points)
5th – Dean Kearney – 79 (40 style points)
6th – Alex Gosselin – 79 (38 style points)
7th – Robbie Nishida – 77
8th – Charles Ng – 75
9th – Kevin Morin – 74
10th – Alexendre Michaud – 73
11th – Tommy Bellemart – 70
12th – Chelsea Denofa – 69 (24 style points)
13th – Brad Carlton – 69 (20 style points)
14th – Maxime Lemoine – 65
15th – Jonathan Guitard – 64
16th – Miro Ovcharik – 63


17th – Pat Cyr – 62
18th – Simon Schaffner – 57
19th – Francis Tasse – 57
20th – Martin Laglois – 55
21st – Dave Briggs – 0

Here’s how the tandem battles are shaping up for tomorrow’s main event:

Kenneth Moen vs Miro Ovcharik
Charles Ng vs Kevin Morin

Forrest Wang vs Brad Carlton
Dean Kearney vs Chelsea Denofa

Daigo Saito vs Jonathan Guitard
Robbie Nishida vs Alexendre Michaud

Marc Landreville vs Maxime Lemoine
Alex Gosselin vs Tommy Bellemart

Drift All-Stars Estonia GP [VIDEO]

Huge Ryan Tuerck fans might remember this event because he drove the Failcrew S13 to a first place finish in Estonia for the Estonia GP. This amazing video captures the Estonia GP round and a great victory speech with the event winner Ryan Tuerck.

2014 LS Fest is Around the Corner [DRIVERS LIST]


After attending Holley’s LS Fest last year I would consider it the most fun you can have in Kentucky. I did a write up on my trip last year “My Trip to LS Fest” which you can read here. The event welcomes and features various cars running LS engines to compete in autocross, drag racing, but most importantly drifting! Our newest issue of Wrecked Magazine is all about Chevy V8 power as well! Here is who has signed up to drive so far:

1. Nick Thomas, LS S14 Nashville, Tennessee
2. Shane Whalley, GTO, Michigan
3. Steve Topping- BMW, Chesterfield, Missouri
4. Nate Hamilton S14, Texas
5. Barry Clapp S14, Nashville, TN
6. Rolando Alfaro, S14 , Kansas City, KS
7. Devin Callahan Nissan,
8. Chris Gonzalez, RHD LS S14, Manitoba, Canada
9. Bryan Broberg, LS S14, Knoxville, TN
10. Jonathan Hurst- Nissan 350Z Marshall County, TN
11. Jonothan Nerren S14, North Carolina
12. DJ Thornton, S14, Tupelo Mississippi,
13. Josh McGuire, S14, Texas
14. Devin Callahan 1984 Nissan 200SX, Newburgh, IN
15. Dirk Stratton LS S13, Beloit, OH

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Attacks Gatebil – AMAZING [VIDEO]

Sit back, crank up your speakers, and watch Vaughn Gittin Jr. attack Gatebil in one insane video with Magnaflow.

Kenji Yaminaka Returning to Formula Drift in 2015?

Kenji YaminakaThe rumors are flying around that Kenji Yaminaka is going to make a return to Formula Drift in 2015. A tipster named Dennis pointed out to us the car should debut at the 2014 SEMA Show. The engine program is rumored to be a Dodge R5P7 NASCAR motor to power this Silvia in a very competitive and high horsepower Formula Drift. It sounds like the Formula Drift team will be campaigned as Team Rocket Bunny Racing. 

2014 Drift Mania Round 5 at Autodrome Montmagny [GALLERY]




Another weekend of DMCC is in the books and we have some great coverage from Jeremy Glover once again. The rain came and then night time came for the big drift weekend. However, the Canadian fans kept cheering until the final battle. Enjoy a complete look at the big weekend of drifting.

Check out the Gallery:

In 2014, FD’s qualifying results do not matter [EDITORIAL]


3 weeks ago, Formula D invited me to be on their Drift Nation podcast. In discussing whether Chris Forsberg has the championship locked up or not, I guessed that based on how well he had done in qualifying, he had a substantial advantage over the other drivers. While Chris Forsberg is the best qualifying driver, digging a little deeper actually surprised me at how little qualifying matters this year. This year, the way championship points are allocated was changed, and it doesn’t look like this change was for the better.

If we threw out all qualifying results, the top 25 places in the overall championship standings would not change. The first position where qualifying points actually changes the standings is 26th, where 7 drivers who would be tied with 64 points based on tandem would split their tie based on qualifying points.

Here’s a look at the top 32 points based on tandem scores only:

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Wrecked Magazine Issue 32 Is Here


The new issue of Wrecked Magazine is out on the virtual newsstand! We get really crazy this issue and only feature things with gorgeous Chevrolet V8 engines! Our old Project V8 240sx graced the cover with an issue that is full of LS engine information and a great product highlight from Canton Racing. A huge thanks to Scoggin Dickey for also helping us out put together this special edition issue. Here is what you can find inside:

-Andrew Redward’s FC Mazda RX7 running from D1NZ
-LS What- Comparing the Various Platforms
-Josh McGuire – 2014 Lone Star Drift Champion – LS7 Powered S14
-Canton Racing – Talking Oil Pans and Accusump
-1000hp Hyudnai Genesis from Formula Drift
-Quick LS1 Tuning

Read the Issue:

Subject Media Takes on Detroit [VIDEO]

Midwest Drift Union visited the Streets of Detroit again and this was the aftermath. One awesome video put together by Subject Media really gives you a sense of what went down inside one broke city.

2014 Evergreen Drift Pro-Am Finals [RESULTS]


Cameron Moore continued his dominance of the Evergreen Drift series this season by taking home first place this weekend. The event was part of the Evergreen State Fair, and always turns out a big crowd. Some familiar names rounded out the podium. Here’s a look at the results:

1st – Cameron Moore – Lexus SC300
2nd – Ian Fournier – Nissan Skyline R32
3rd – Kory Keezer – Nissan S13.4 Coupe